REACT Emergency Medical Services Authority was developed in 1996 through a merger of two hospital based ambulance services (Respond EMS and EMPACT EMS). This merger established REACT as an independent government agency, public trust and not for profit agency that has oversight via a board of directors, which is comprised of representatives from the communities we serve.

Over the years we have grown with the community by increasing the number of stations and units in service. The call volume has increased from 3500-4000 call per year to over 13,000 calls per year in 2018. Currently, we operate six 24 hour, paramedic staffed ambulances, a "Paramedic Response Unit" in southern Pottawatomie County, a paramedic staffed shift supervisor unit, and flex-time special event units as well. We proudly serve Shawnee, Tecumseh, Meeker, Bethel Acres, McLoud, Prague, and the surrounding areas. We continuously provide the highest level of commitment to the community we serve and are excited to see how we can serve our service area into the future!



 To fulfill its mission, the values of REACT EMS will be characterized by the following:

REACT EMS will continue to provide its services to all segments of the communities served without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, handicap, national origin or financial ability.

REACT EMS will provide healthcare services with a commitment to continuous quality improvement and highly trained administrative, professional, technical and support staff.

REACT EMS will preserve its ability to provide healthcare services by operating in a cost-effective manner to insure continued financial viability.

REACT EMS will provide a well qualified staff while promoting and insuring a cooperative and responsive relationship with the community.

REACT EMS will promote and develop cooperative relationships with local emergency services, medical facilities and neighboring Emergency Medical Services

REACT EMS will promote a healthcare delivery system that focuses on coordination and continuity of care, prevention, wellness, access cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

REACT EMS recognizes the need to treat the patient as a total person including the consideration of spiritual needs.

REACT EMS will always maintain and promote a positive organizational image.

REACT EMS will maintain a strategic plan that is adaptable, flexible and responsive to the changing healthcare environment and the needs the communities served.